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Laser cleaning (carbon peeling)

Laser facial cleansing is a very essential procedure for many women who have problems with comedones and blackheads. The procedure is performed with the help of a special unit with configurable beam that penetrates deep into the layers of the epidermis. So with the help of this procedure, subcutaneous dirt and dead cells are being removed. Experts conduct laser cleaning of a face only when a special cream is applied. This cream ensures that the regeneration will be done quickly and painlessly for the patient. Then, the doctor adjusts the laser radiation, so that the laser radiation could freely penetrate into the pores. The doctor also adjusts the depth of the beam, it is different for each patient as well as it is chosen very carefully.

Laser cleaning in the cosmetology center “Zhanvi” has many indisputable advantages:

  • treatment process is non-contact;
  • the whole procedure is painless;
  • the treatment of inflammation of the skin is removed;
  • eliminated oiliness of the skin;
  • rehabilitation quickly takes the upper layers of the skin.

After the procedure is finished, it is not necessary to undergo a long rehabilitation period, when the skin is very delicate and requires special care for the rejevination. Of course, some redness can not be ommited, but such rednees of the skins lasts for the first 1 or 2 hours after the procedure.

Indications for application of the prcuderw are as it follows:

  • wide pores on your face;
  • uneven skin relief;
  • wrinkles around the eyes;
  • different wrinkles and facial skin defects;
  • spots;
  • and other defects.

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