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Vascular removal of vessels

Struggle against the expanded vessels by means of therapeutic means, unfortunately, is ineffective. It is unique a reliable method of their removal laser photocoagulation by means of special «vascular» lasers is.

Small expanded vessels on the person and standing to 2 3 mm in diameter (teleangectasie, vascular asterisks) in our centre treat, using laser photocoagulation. Laser photocoagulation is based that the light beam gets through a skin, absorbed by blood haemoglobin, will be transformed to heat which solders a vessel gleam.

Laser therapy sessions are capable to relieve of vascular «asterisks», a vascular grid, hemangioma, hyperpigmentation and pigmentary stains. Distinctive feature is its selective influence only on vessels, and surrounding fabrics remain absolutely intact. In the end of a session you practically do not test discomfort, and reddening after processing by the laser disappears in 15-30 minutes.

Procedure is safe and highly effective. Under the recommendation of the doctor course of treatment on removal of vessels will make 1-5 procedures. Under indications the course can be increased to 10.

Indications to procedure

Teleangectasie — cuperoza (the red expanded vessels on the person);

Vascular asterisks;

Diffusive erythema;

Rosacea — red stains on the person ;

Venous reticles


Diabetes in a stage decompensation;

System diseases of a connecting fabric;

Blood diseases;

Skin diseases;


Oncological diseases.