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Microdermabrasion (micro-buffing of a face) gains increasing popularity and goes to leaders of non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed as a spa and a luxury beauty salons. Fans of microdermabrasion explain their admiration for this procedure due to its high efficiency (visible rejuvenation of the skin), speed and ease of implementation. Microdermabrasion can be performed on the face, hands, décolleté, this procedure is painless and completely safe.

Microdermabrasion promotes skin renewal as follows:

  • reducing senile spots (hyperpigmentation) and fine lines;
  • opens the pores, thus making them less noticeable;
  • stimulates the production of collagen and elastin;
  • improves the overall tone, texture, structure and color;
  • returns skin elasticity, cleanses, rejuvenates and smooths it.

The improvement of the skin after the procedure is very noticeable after the first procedure. Your skin will gain a healthy look and become smoother, skin blemishes, wrinkles, scars, acne and age spots will decrease and become less noticeable. To fix the resulting effect, it is recommended to complete a full course of treatments of mikrodermoobrazia.

Indications microdermabrasion:

  • loose skin;
  • fine lines;
  • problematic skin;
  • pores;
  • pigmentation;
  • atrophic and hypertrophic scars.

Microdermabrasion is effective for all skin types, especially recommended for those who want to do less noticeable fine lines, remove spots, narrow pores and even out the tone of the face, improve the dull, lifeless skin, weakened skin that was under the influence of sunlight. Mikro-buffing is perfect for women with problematic skin prone to acne, enlarged pores, small scars. Mikro-buffing is also useful for anyone whose skin is weakened under the influence of sunlight. To achieve the desired effect it is necessary to conduct a series of procedures to determine their number with the cosmetologist. The procedure is performed every 7-10 days, during this period time the removed layer of the epidermis would be recoverd.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, the microdermabrasion is determined by number of sessions and depth exposure necessary to obtain a sustainable positive effect. Thus, to eliminate wrinkles, correction of deeper wrinkles, facial peels (cleaning), the treatment is held from 1 to 6 sessions. To eliminate wrinkles, remove or correct scars of various types, remove age spots and senile, the treatment is conducted from 6 to 12 sessions. The number of sessions is defined individually depending on your skin condition. Immediately after the procedure and between sessions, you would need to apply on your skin a special moisturizing, softening and improving regeneration creams and lotions.

In order to have the result of microbuffing for a long time, follow these rules:

  • use a fat moisturizing cream or lotion to remove dry skin in the first week after the procedure;
  • do not use cosmetics that contain glycolic and lactic acid, and peeling and buffing scrubs at least 72 hours before and after the procedure;
  • stop using products containing retina-A, at least 72 hours before and after the procedure;
  • do not use decorative cosmetics for 24 hours (including tonal basis, powder, blush). Lipstick and eye shadow can be applied immediately after the procedure.

Contraindications to the procedure of microdermoobrasia:

  • acute inflammation;
  • herpes;
  • chronic dermatitis in acute stage;
  • tuberculosis;
  • multiple telangiectasia;
  • tendency of forming keloids.

Microdermabrasion is not very suitable for people with extremely sensitive skin prone to irritation.

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