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Removal of neoplasms

Sometimes tumors can appear on the skin – the growth of cells of different types. Mostly they are benign, ie they do not pose a threat to life. However, some of them should be removed for cosmetic or medical reasons. Removal of tumors in Lviv qualitatively and safely can be carried out at the cosmetic center “Janvi”.

Types of benign neoplasms

There are more than 10 types of benign neoplasms:

  • birthmarks (nevi);
  • atheroma and lipomas (fats);
  • lymphangiomas;
  • hemangiomas;
  • eratomes;
  • papillomas;
  • warts;
  • lentigo;
  • seborrheic keratoma;
  • warts;
  • hair cyst.

Consider the features and external features of the most common of them

  1. Birthmarks (nevi) are divided into congenital and acquired. They have different shapes in size. Most of them are good-quality, but if you change the size and shape, it is better to consult a specialist.
  2. Atheroma and lipomas (fats) arise due to the sealing of the sebaceous glands. It looks like a pimple with a pale head. Need removal with capsule.
  3. Hemangiomas – vascular growth, most often congenital. Mostly, these are unattractive bright spots with a range of colors from bright red to deep blue. Hemangiomas are removed surgically or by laser for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes you can do only medication.
  4. Papillomas appear as a result of contact damage to the body by papillomavirus. They look like skin soft outgrowths. Removal is possible by laser or electrocoagulation.
  5. Warts, like papillomas, are of viral origin. The corroded skin growths can grow rapidly.

If you are concerned about the above issues and need to remove skin tumors, Lviv is the city where you will be provided with quality assistance at the Cosmetic Center «Janvi»

Indications and contraindications for laser removal of tumors

The features of laser surgery are to remove or burn small areas of tissue with minimal damage to adjacent areas. Benign skin tumors are easily removed in this way.

Indications for using this method:

  • changing the shape of the neoplasm, increasing it;
  • inflammation or swelling of the area around the tumor;
  • pain;
  • itching, exfoliation of the skin;
  • change in the color of the tumor;
  • cosmetic problem.

Contraindications for the laser method:

  • acute or chronic illness;
  • high body temperature;
  • exacerbation of dermatological diseases;
  • periods of pregnancy or lactation;
  • severe diabetes;
  • the presence of skin injuries near the tumors.

Laser removal of tumors in Lviv at the Cosmetic Center «Janvi» will help you get rid of most medical and cosmetic skin problems.

Laser removal technology

Laser removal of tumors occurs under the influence of a directional narrow beam of light, which is given at short intervals.

The dermatologist sets the depth and width of the beam, the pulse rate individually, according to the type of neoplasm and its features.

Stages of laser surgery

  1. The preparatory stage of a laser operation begins with the consultation of a dermatologist, who assesses the appearance of the tumor, determines the diagnosis. Depending on the diagnosis, the intensity and frequency of the laser flux are selected.
  2. Antiseptic skin treatment. Chlorgexidine is most commonly used.
  3. Local anesthesia – individually as needed.
  4. The actual operation. The doctor directs the laser beam to the problem area. Short pulses seize the blood vessels in the area, they can no longer feed the cells of the tumor, and it disappears in 6-8 days. Due to the bactericidal properties of the beam, the virus is destroyed and no inflammation occurs.
  5. Antiseptic treatment area treatment.
  6. The place of removal is pasted with a patch or a bandage is applied.
  7. Advising the patient on post-procedural behavior.

Recommendations for the rehabilitation period

In the next 5-7 days after laser removal of the tumor, it is necessary to follow simple recommendations:

  • not to wet the place of removal;
  • wipe with fucorcin or other antiseptic;
  • prematurely do not break the crust, wait for complete drying;
  • avoid direct sunlight

Laser removal of neoplasms in Lviv is carried out at the cosmetic center “Janvi”.

Advantages of laser removal method:

  • Effectiveness: one procedure is sufficient for complete removal;
  • minimal trauma;
  • absence of bleeding and pain;
  • almost complete absence of scar;
  • low incidence of recurrence and complications.

The disadvantages of the laser method is practically not observed. One thing: there is no tissue left for histological examination.

Methods for removing skin tumors in the «Janvi» Center

In addition to the laser method of removal of neoplasms, the Jeanvi cosmetology center practices other modern methods of eliminating skin problems. They include:

  • Removal of neoplasms by radio wave knife. It is based on high frequency radio waves (3-4 MHz) that destroy benign neoplasms. They are given out by the tip of the electrode, without heating or damaging the tissue. Removal is carried out in a non-contact manner..
  • Electric knife removal. Electro-knife – a device for surgical incisions of soft tissues with high frequency current or for coagulation to stop bleeding. Used to remove neoplasms that lie deeper under the skin. The operation is performed with local anesthesia, it is bloodless due to coagulation.
  • A method of removing skin tumors with liquid nitrogen, which destroys the wart or papilla. The popular name for this method of surgery is “freezing”.

Risks of removal of tumors

The risks of using these methods of removal of skin neoplasms are minimal, but they are, as in the case of any surgery. They include:

  • scar formation;
  • risk of bleeding in case of abnormal placement of vessels;
  • fever.

However, removal of tumors in Lviv at the «Jаnvi» cosmetology center is as safe as possible. The percentage of complications is reduced to almost zero.

Our advantages:

  • There are 7 doctors in the center, their categories – from the 2nd to the highest.
  • Staff are regularly trained in courses and seminars.
  • The Center also provides services to foreigners, and Jeanvi’s staff is fluent in English.
  • All drugs and devices are certified.
  • The cosmetology center operates under the MOH license.
  • 10 years of experience in the field of dermatology and cosmetology.
  • Prices are affordable, average market.

Prices for removal of tumors in the «Janvi» Center

Type of service Price, UAH
Removal of neoplasms by electric knife, radio wave knife 600-650
Cryo alpha warts removal (1 pc) 150
Removal of papillomas (1 pc.) Up to 3 mm/ more then 10 150/120
Laser birthmark removal (with histology, 1 pc) 900
Laser birthmark / wart removal (1pc) 600-650
Laser warts removal 170

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