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Anti-cellulite massage in Lviv

Nowadays, all those who care about a toned body look, pay a lot of attention to the problem of cellulite – the accumulation of subcutaneous fat in various places, which manifests itself in the form of unsightly “orange peel”.

Unfortunately, many people can not overcome cellulite without a comprehensive approach and the participation of relevant specialists. If you are determined to get rid of this unpleasant layer of fat, you should choose a set of necessary procedures, as well as take care of healthy eating, proper distribution of physical activity, follow a healthy lifestyle in general.

Anti-cellulite massage in Lviv at “Janvi” Cosmetology Center

We at the “Janvi” Cosmetology Center offer a course of anti-cellulite massage procedures to obtain long-term results. Our masseurs are well versed in the technique of this type of massage and will form an individual anti-cellulite program for you, provide effective recommendations for nutrition and body care during the course.

Manual anti-cellulite massage can also be combined with other procedures, such as apparatus cavitation, cryosauna, various types of wraps. You will find all this in “Janvi”.

One anti-cellulite massage procedure lasts 60 minutes. In a clean and comfortable office, where it is warm and cozy, you have the opportunity to relax while a specialist works on different parts of your body.

To get a lasting and long-lasting result, you can choose a course of massages with 5 or 10 treatments. Also, our massage specialists can recommend a number of procedures that are needed for the result just for you. The break between sessions will average 2-3 days.

Anti-cellulite massage in our center can be performed with the use of additional means – massage cream or toning emulsion of your choice.

Sedentary lifestyle, constant stress and unfavorable environment often lead to poor blood circulation, which may be accompanied by the appearance of signs of cellulite in certain parts of the body. The temperature of such areas is markedly reduced compared to the temperature of the surrounding tissues, and their metabolism deteriorates.
Good blood circulation stimulates metabolism. Body Toning Modelage emulsion emulsion for local massage or full body massage gives the skin and subcutaneous tissues a powerful energy impulse that helps improve blood circulation. Within a few minutes after applying the product, the skin heats up and turns pink, and after the procedure it better absorbs nutrients from cosmetic care products (creams, serums, body lotions, etc.).

Therefore, massage using this emulsion gives the following additional effect:

  • increases blood circulation;
  • stimulates metabolism;
  • promotes the detoxification process;
  • moisturizes, tightens and strengthens the skin;
  • increases the ability of the skin to absorb the active components of care products.

Massage with a special slimming cream with anti-cellulite complex “Slimming Massage” also has a good effect on blood vessels and capillaries, allows you to make your skin fresher and more elastic. The texture of the cream is very pleasant for the body, evenly and easily distributed throughout the body. The masseur rubs the cream into the treatment areas with smooth movements.

The course of procedures using anti-cellulite cream stimulates lipolysis, effectively eliminates the manifestations of cellulite. Active ingredients: highly concentrated anti-cellulite complex (brown and green algae, ivy, wormwood, clover, needles, L-picture, caffeine), sunflower oil, vitamin E.

Prices for anti-cellulite massage in “Janvi”

Anti-cellulite massage Prices
One procedure, 60 min 450 UAH
+ “Body Toning Modelage” massage toning emulsion with thermal effect +80 UAH
+ Anti-cellulite massage cream “Slimming Massage” +70 UAH
Course 5 procedures 2000 UAH
Course 10 procedures 3700 UAH

How does anti-cellulite massage affect the body? What are the indications and contraindications?

The positive effects of anti-cellulite massage are difficult to overestimate, especially since it can be done even for prevention. The main recommendations for the course of massages are:

  • the presence of local fat deposits, “orange peel”, even in small quantities;
  • sagging, loss of skin tone in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks;
  • the need to normalize cellular metabolism and improve intestinal function;
  • desire to improve the contours of the body at the waist and back.

It is worth postponing the massage, if there are the following indications:

  • infectious disease with fever;
  • pregnancy (massage can cause uterine hypertension), breastfeeding (impaired milk secretion);
  • intense allergic or purulent rashes on the body, dermatitis;
  • blood disease with changes in coagulation;
  • vascular pathology with a decrease in their elasticity;
  • heart disease and high blood pressure;
  • oncological diseases;
  • mental illness.

The most effective course will be an anti-cellulite massage of 5 treatments, which will result in:

  • activation of metabolic processes between cells and intercellular fluid;
  • launch of regenerative processes of renewal at the cellular level;
  • accelerating the removal of metabolic products from the intercellular space, which solves the problem of stagnant processes in tissues that lead to cellulite;
  • improving lymph flow;
  • increase muscle tone;
  • improving capillary circulation;
  • improving the elasticity of connective tissues;
  • activation of skin respiration by opening pores, providing tissues with oxygen;
  • improving the structure of the skin by normalizing the activity of sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • strengthening the immune system by normalizing the functions of the lymphatic system.

Why go to the “Janvi” Cosmetology Center?

  1. Our center employs certified masseurs who are well versed in the methods of anti-cellulite massage and have extensive experience in its conduct;
  2. There are two branches in Zhanve: 39 Lychakivska Street and Gorodotskaya, 181. We also work on Saturday.
  3. We have sterile and safe, regular disinfection of offices with a bactericidal recirculator.
  4. At the reception you can pay both in cash and by bank card.
  5. Here you will find everything you need for the beauty and health of the face and body, you can also sign up for other anti-cellulite treatments, such as cavitation.

“Janvi” Cosmetology Center is your reliable proven ally in the fight against cellulite!

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