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Carboxy therapy

This technique is designed to effectively address the rejuvenation of the skin and is a non-surgical effect on it with carbon dioxide.

The procedure is completely harmless and can be combined with other non-invasive methods to solve aesthetic skin problems.

As a result of the carboxytherapy procedure, the connective tissue at the cellular level begins to actively produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, restoring the elasticity of the skin, increasing turgor and rejuvenating the face.

At the same time wrinkles are smoothed, there are hypostases, dark circles, local inflammatory processes are inhibited.

Where does carboxytherapy work?
1. In the area around the eyes:
– dark circles are reduced due to oxygen saturation;
– bags and hernias are removed by resorption of excess fat;
– wrinkles “goose bumps” and “sleep lines” are smoothed by stimulating collagen production.
2 Cellulite and local fat deposits disappear in a few procedures due to the activation of lymph flow and the destruction of fat cells.
3 Effective in combating stretch marks by activating blood circulation and collagen production.
4 In combination with mesotherapy gives an excellent rejuvenating effect on the face, neck and décolleté.
5 Gas injections stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, the best result – in conjunction with mesotherapy.
6 The method allows you to solve other problems, such as removing a double chin or resorption of scars.

Contraindications to carboxytherapy:
– pregnancy and breastfeeding;
– cardiovascular diseases;
– pulmonary and renal failure;
– high blood pressure;
– hemophilia, epilepsy, oncology;
– diabetes;
– skin diseases.

Carboxy therapy Price, uah
Carboxy Therapy Injection face 800
Carboxy Therapy Injection yeys 750
Carboxy Therapy Injection chin 700
Carboxy Therapy Injection body (1 zone) 1400

Almost any woman can afford to try the magical rejuvenating effect of carboxytherapy, as the procedure is quite affordable. The effect will be the same as from expensive operations.

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