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Laser facial cleansing

Laser cleaning refers to the rapid and effective ways to remove skin cells. The main instrument is the removal of a laser beam. You have a great opportunity to forget about wrinkles and scars appearing after acne, various kinds of pigment and spots, and other common skin defects once you undergone this procedure. The main advantage of laser cleaning is that the skin is cleaned with a laser. If it is being compared with chemical methods, it has high accuracy and the ability to predict the outcome. The procedure is performed with a jeweler’s precision because the laser tool Sciton Contour TRL controls the depth of penetration of the beam so that it virtually eliminates the possibility of scars appearance on the skin.

The technique of laser cleansing: Methodology is based on the ability of the laser beam vaporize skin cells on the surface of the body. In the process of cleaning just dead cells are evaporated. Over time, the process of skin regeneration actively begins and resulting in skin looking much younger. It is recommended to do cleansing laser skin not earlier than you reached 22-25 years. The skin starts to produce collagen during the treatment that can be regarded as additional anti-aging properties of the procedure.

The effect of laser cleaning: laser cleaning of the skin refers to the most effective methods. The surface of the skin gets elasticity and resistance to external influences, the patient gets rid of stains and wrinkles after the procedure. It is applicable for people with extremely sensitive skin prone to irritation.


  • The presence of wide pores on the skin;
  • Crow’s feet;
  • Defects of the skin in the area of the neck, arms, forehead, lips, around the neck;
  • The presence of dark spots;


  • The presence of inflammation on the skin of the face;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • The disease is diabetes;
  • Epilepsy;
  • The presence of keloid scars;
  • The presence of herpes.

It is strongly unrecommended procedure for cleaning the skin during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

Preparation for cleaning procedures: Do not carry out the procedure of laser cleaning face after normal cleaning (at least weekly) and for a period of two weeks after a chemical peel. Also, do not sunbathe for up to two weeks before the procedure and soar face for three days.

After the procedure: After cleaning, it is not recommended to stay on the street as possible to get the effect of hurting with the rays of the sun. In most cases, the period after cleaning runs smoothly, there is no need for additional medical supervision.

The number of procedures:

1-3 procedures are enough.

Rehabilitation period:

The average duration of the recovery period is around 3-4 days but depending on many factors such as the depth of laser processing and many others so that rehabilitation period may increase. Experts of cosmetology center “Zhanvi” in Lviv recommend this procedure once a month and in fact should not be more often. During this period, the skin has an increased sensitivity to UV and wind, snow and other phenomena. If you follow all the rules the result of laser cleansing remain for two years.

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