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Laser removal of tattoo eyebrows, eyes, lips

Laser tattoo removal in Ukraine began to gain popularity. The reason for this manifestation of wanting to get rid of the tattoo is a cosmetic purpose. It happens that some client beauty salons, tattoo after application they remain dissatisfied with the result. In addition, there may be some complications, for example – the appearance of a little redness and itching at the site of application of permanent makeup. To get rid of this tattoo will have to turn to professionals.

How better to remove permanent makeup

Experts in the field of cosmetology strongly recommend to spend remove tattoo eyebrows, eyes, lips or with a laser. It is the safest modern method for the removal of permanent make-up in remote places. The main advantages of this procedure, the following factors:

  • disposal of tattoo on a regular basis;
  • The passage of the complex procedures for tattoo removal – 2-3 weeks;
  • The procedure can be performed without anesthesia;
  • in place of permanent makeup is left no scars or dents in the skin;
  • laser is completely safe for human health and painless to use.

If you decide to go through laser tattoo removal in Lviv can easily enroll in our beauty center. Our experts – professionals who gently and effectively remove tattoo on eyebrows, lips or eyes with a laser.

Laser tattoo removal is quite effective, in addition, with this procedure is not no scars in place of permanent makeup. Laser beams disinfect the skin, thereby eliminating the ingress of infection in the affected area. Using the laser can only affect the skin with a tattoo, without any damage to the surrounding healthy skin tissue.

The laser effectively destroys the coloring pigments, so after laser tattoo removal, from him remains no trace. To complete a full course of removal of permanent make-up, will go to several sessions, with an interval of 2-3 weeks. The first results will be noticeable after the first procedure.

Why choose laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal Eyebrow has great meaning in the case where the failure occurred applying permanent make-up and certain skin pigments must be removed. In this case, do not use all the favorite “Pile” poorly done tattoo pigments using skin color. Better use of laser tattoo removal as solid pigment can change the color of the skin and stay forever.

Regarding the removal of the tattoo eyelids or eyelashes, in this case incorrectly selected paint or materials for applying permanent make-up can play a cruel joke with a woman or girl. To remove makeup like a laser would be the best because it can be not to lose the original appearance of arrows, retaining their shape.

Laser removal of tattoo of the lips – is the most economical method. The laser beam just affect a certain area of ​​the skin. It can penetrate the skin tissue to a depth of 6-8 mm. By using modern laser equipment, our experts cosmetology center will help you with the removal of tattoo of the lips. Complete removal of permanent makeup lip occurs in 1-2 months from the moment of the first procedure. The interval between treatments for tattoo removal should be about 3 weeks.

Prices for laser removal of tattoo in cosmetology center “Janvi”

Laser tattoo removal
Laser removal of the upper eyelid tattoo 1100
Laser removal of the lower eyelid tattoo 1100
Laser removal of the upper eyebrows/ lips 1100
Anasthesia 200

Always be young and healthy with the Janvi Center!

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