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Piercing – a puncture of an integument or soft fabrics (depending on a place) and installation in channels of a puncture of an ornament. The puncture is carried out by a disposable sterile needle and at will of the client without serious consequences (with anaesthesia).

  • Nose piercing takes the second place on popularity. At nose piercing most popularly ear ring threading in a wing. Earing nosetrill is small carnations which outside looks as a small pebble or a ball, and inside along a nostril wall there is a hook. More rare puncture of a nose, is a partition puncture between nostrils (keep in mind, it is very painful). The ring or the circular (horseshoe) is inserted, as a rule,
  • Lip piercing. At piercing of a lip the puncture becomes sideways or on the centre. The ring or labret (carnations with the flat basis on one end and a ball or pike on other) is inserted, Which should be from a biolayer not to destroy tooth enamel.
  • Eyebrow piercing. The eyebrow is pierced from the middle to an eyebrow tip (a temporal part). The microbanana (crook bar with two balls on the ends) is inserted. Very whimsical puncture demanding the accurate reference.
  • Tongue piercing. Recently in Europe, especially the youth had fashionable a language piercing. In language the special bar with two nozzles-balls on the ends, taking places on either side of language is vertically put. Basically these nozzles become from plastic which does not injure an oral cavity. Wound on tongue heals very quickly, somewhere within three days. As in the beginning language inflates, at piercing providently put a long bar which varies subsequently on the smaller.
  • Piercing of ears. Lobe puncture – one of liberal displays of piercing. The ear is pierced in all possible places.
  • Navel piercing. It is possible to decorate with this puncture your stomach gracefully. And the assortment of figured ornaments in a navel is very diverse. But at a primary puncture it is recommended to insert an ordinary banana. We pay also attention, that navel piercing is looked beautifully only on the flat, tightened stomachs.

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