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Radio wave mole removal

Moles on the body for a long time was considered safe for the health of spots on the body that even a symbol of attractiveness in women. From a medical point of view, a mole – a cluster of cells with a small amount of pigments, they are called nevi. Among physicians is believed that a large concentration of these tumors on the skin may contribute to poor quality growths. For this reason, removal of moles makes sense.

Reasons to cosmetic treatment center

Some people turn to dermatologists or cosmetologists pursuing cosmetic effect. These customers want to remove moles, papillomas or get rid of warts, appeared in public places, especially on the face. Others turn to cosmetologists to prevent the spread of new skin tumors.

But the main reason, followed by radio wave to pass through the removal of moles – a possible exception defective degeneration of these tumors on the skin. In our cosmetic center, this procedure is completely safe for the patient .. This procedure allows to permanently get rid of the growths on the skin on different parts of the body.

The main positive aspects of radio wave removal method include:

  • During the procedure of external tissues remain integral. There may be only microscopic epithelial damage at the site of impact radiowave knife.
  • No bleeding during the procedure.
  • The procedure has a relatively short duration.
  • After excision procedure radiowave skin regenerates quickly.
  • Lack of inflammatory and purulent processes after surgery.
  • Ability subsequent histological examination of tissue samples.
  • Absolute sterility and minimal risk of infection during excision.


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