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Radiowave removal of papillomas

Removal of papillomas in Ukraine was in high demand lately. This is due to the fact that more and more people suffer from substandard appearance of tumors on the skin, which is difficult to fight alone. Papilloma – a neoplasm of skin that looks like a small build-up oblong. Papilloma be a solid colored or brown. The size of such tumors on the skin can be up to several centimeters in diameter.

Such growths on the skin appear due to various reasons.

Pathogen – human papilloma virus. There are about 100 types of the virus. Some lesions often cause urogenital tract, while others affect the skin.

Source HPV infection – sick or infected person. Papilloma can be not only on the skin and mucous membranes of the genitourinary system, the virus can circulate in the urine, semen and saliva. In the presence of active virus in the saliva transfer it can be done by household (with a kiss).

“Entrance gate” of infection – microscopic skin and mucous membranes (abrasions, scratches or cracks).

Location: nehenitalnoho (nasopharynx, oral cavity, additional sinuses, voice box), urinary system organs, genitals. The external opening of the urethra in men is affected in 20-24% of cases.

Typically, human health such growths are relatively safe, but from an aesthetic or consumer point of view – they have some problems. Especially scary papillomavirus that appear in the cervical region, because they may cling to the chain, thus causing these tumors spread to other parts of the body. Also, the papillomavirus can deliver the neck pain man with tumors on the skin should fight first.

Effective means of papillomas

Radiowave removal of papillomas is one of the most popular and highly efficient methods for solving this problem.

If you decide to undergo removal of papillomas in Lviv, feel free to contact our beauty center. We practice only painless and safe for the patient’s methods of getting rid of skin growths. No acid chemical or surgical removal. We practice only harmless to the skin with its methods of treating growths.

Radio wave removal of skin growths are completely safe method. With the destruction unable to remove all traces of skin tumors and did not injure him next to skin. In place of the papilloma after radiowave destruction, there is only a small wound which heals within 2-3 days. The procedure to remove papillomas lasts about 4-5 minutes.

Prices for laser removal of papillomas in Lviv

The table below shows the prices for injections at the Janvi Cosmetology Center in Lviv.

Name of procedures Price*
Laser removal of papillomas
Removal of papillomas (1 pcs.) 150
Removal of papillomas (more than 10 pcs.) 120
Removal of papillomas eyelid 150-600

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