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Tattoo eyebrows, eyes, lips

As you know, permanent makeup procedure is averaged between tattooing and makeup. What better tattoo is done, the more difficult it distinguished from conventional makeup, it varies and this price. One of the most popular types of tattoo is permanent makeup, eyebrows, eyes and lips.

ATTENTION! Tattoo (permanent make-up) of lips, eyebrows, eyelids is performed by our specialists only in the salon branch on the street. Lychakivska, 39! Phone for recording: +38(091) 481-97-45

Eyebrow tattoo Lviv, where do?

If you need to make a tattoo eyebrows, feel free to contact our beauty center. It is advantageous procedure that will save you from daily routine eyebrow tinting morning. Tattoo indelible, so women can feel confident swimming in the pool or lounging on the beach in summer. In addition to the functions beauty tattoo is commonly used as a means of cloaking scars or deformation of the skin.

Typically, tattoo eyebrows lasts for 1-2 years. At the end of this time period, you’ll go through a correction of eyebrows, as they are gradually washed out of the skin. Specialists of our center will help you choose the shape eyebrows, pick a color and kind of eyebrows. In the beauty center “Janvi” you can make a very natural powdery eyebrow or eyebrow artificial hairs by technique 4D hairs and make microblading eyebrows.

Second, demand for tattoo, place on a woman’s face – lips speak. If it is on permanent makeup lips, it does not deteriorate on contact with water and is not smeared when exposed to direct sunlight. Professional tattoo masters can make the perfect lip line, correct its path and making it as clear.

As for lip tattoo greatest demand permanent tattoo lips a natural, natural color. If you want a tattoo eyebrows or drawing contour and color of the lips, the master of our cosmetic center is always at your service. The workers of our center use only safe tattoo pigments American and German brands. With them comes a sharp image with vivid and saturated color. After the tattoo lips are bright and poured like after using quality lipstick. Lips heal after the procedure for 5 day.

Examples of “before” and “after” 

* results are not the same for all clients.

Peaking or create a 3D effect lip tattoo allows every woman and girl to feel like a beauty queen. Special attention deserves tattoo shading to the middle of the lips. Typically, this type of tattoo is for girls who for some reason are not satisfied with the shape or volume of your lips. With shading not create large and clearly drawn contours, giving lips a beautiful and elegant look.

In addition to tattoo eyebrows, eye tattoo popular. It is divided into several varieties, including:

  1. Tattoo eyelashes. This type of lash tinting enables a unique form of eye play with the tones and colors. Darker eyes can visually lighten or vice versa, to make light – dark. This technique paint eyelashes quite practical, top tattoo can cause shade or tint eyelashes using eyeliner.
  2. Tattoo as arrows. This type of paint on the lashes is considered to be the most popular today. This permanent makeup that lasts as long as possible period of time. This tattoo technique is suitable for all types of eye including Asian type eye and for round or convex eyelashes. Typically, tattoo emphasizes the arrow eyes give clarity and expressive eyes. Tattoo arrows kept for 3-4 years.
  3. Tattoo with shading. This is the most interesting and new kind of tattoo. It can help you achieve smoky eye effect.


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