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Tattoo eyebrows, eyes, lips

Every woman is faced with the fact that to maintain an attractive appearance every day takes a lot of time, effort, money that has to be spent on make-up. It is especially annoying when the make-up is done, but after a couple of hours its flaws are revealed: the mascara has leaked, the arrow has smeared, the lipstick has worn off. It is not a question of comfortable visiting of the pool or gym at all. Permanent make-up, a tattoo, a powder tattoo, a nanospraying helps to avoid similar situations.
Qualitatively made permanent makeup can be stored unchanged for up to 3 years. And during this period, the girl can forget about the daily “painting” of lips, eyebrows, eyelids, the usual means of decorative cosmetics.

Tattoo allows:

  • change the shape, color, density of eyebrows;
  • correct the contour of the lips, make their color brighter;
  • emphasize the shape of the eyes with arrows,
  • retouch (mask) any defects in appearance

Permanent eyebrow makeup
If you need to get an eyebrow tattoo, you can feel free to contact our cosmetic center “Janvi”. This is a beneficial procedure that will save you from the daily routine of coloring eyebrows in the morning. Permanent makeup does not wash off, so women can feel confident swimming in the pool or relaxing in the summer on the beach. In addition to the function of beauty, the tattoo is used as a means to hide scars or skin deformities from injuries.

As a rule, permanent eyebrow makeup lasts for 2-4 years. At the end of this period of time, you will need to undergo eyebrow correction, as they will grow back and begin to change color. The main thing is to seek help from a beauty center in time so as not to lose your beauty.


Powder coating of eyebrows
This is a new technique of permanent make-up (or eyebrow tattoo). Permanent makeup will correct your natural shape, hide some flaws or vice versa – will emphasize and make the shape more expressive. Visually, powder coating is almost no different from regular makeup with a pencil or shadows. With this great technology, you will get perfect eyebrows for at least one and a half to two years.

Interwar drawing.

This type of eyelid tinting allows you to create a unique shape of the eyes, play with tones and colors. Darker eyes can be visually lightened or, conversely, made of light – dark. This technique of applying paint on the lashes is quite practical, on top of the tattoo you can apply shadows or tint the lashes with an eyeliner.
Arrow tattoo. This type of application of paint on eyelashes is considered to be the most popular today. This is a permanent make-up that lasts as long as possible. This tattoo technique is suitable for the Asian type of eyes, as well as for round or convex eyelashes. As a rule, it is problematic to apply make-up on an arrow tattoo – this is its only drawback. The arrow tattoo lasts for 6 months.
Tattoo with shading. This is the most interesting and new type of tattoo. With its help you can achieve the effect of smoky eyes. It allows you to create eyes of the eastern type – brighter and rounder, and large eyes – turn into small and neat eyes. It all depends on the correct execution of this tattoo technique.


Permanent lip makeup
When it comes to lip tattoos, color tattoos are most in demand. If you need an eyebrow tattoo or drawing the contour and color of the lips, the masters of our beauty center are always at your service. In our work, our tattoo artists use only safe pigments with paint. With their help the clear image with bright and saturated color turns out. After the tattoo, the lips will be bright and full, as if after using quality lipstick.

Enhancing the contour or creating a 3D effect for the lips allows every woman and girl to feel like a beauty queen. The tattoo with shading deserves special attention. As a rule, this type of permanent make-up is intended for girls who for some reason are not satisfied with the shape or volume of their lips. With the help of shading, you can create three-dimensional and clearly drawn contours, which gives the lips a more beautiful and elegant look.


Tattoo Price, uah
Powder lip spray “lipstick effect” 1800
Powder coating of lips “water color effect” 1800
Powder coating of lips “matte effect” 2000
Spraying of lips (contour) 1500
Powder coating of eyebrows 1800
Eyebrow hair tattoo 2100
Interwar space 1800
Interwar space with acces to the arrow 2000
Eye tattoo lower eyelid 1800
Tattoo front sight 600
Nipple halo tatto 3900
Infiltration anesthesia 200
Correction (after 1 month) 1200

Examples of “before” and “after” 

* results are not the same for all clients.

ATTENTION! Tattoo (permanent make-up) of lips, eyebrows, eyelids is performed by our specialists only in the salon branch on the street. Lychakivska, 39! Phone for recording: +38(091) 481-97-45

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