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Tattoo, as though it named, all the same the fine arts kind, which roots leave in an extreme antiquity.

To draw on a body and to make tattoos there were still ancient Egyptians four thousand years ago. A paint made of grasses, and a tattoo put needles. As a needle prickles of plants served, to a bone of fishes. Natives of islands Solomonovyh pinned tattoo by means of a splinter of a bone of an animal and soot. Thus all body covered with tatu-patterns. So we also got out for the sake of beauty, using improvised means, but in 1891 the electric machine for tattoo creation has been invented. However, in Japan till now adhere to traditions and all becomes manually. East tattoo are considered as the brightest and various. Japanese in XVII century have guessed the latent tattoo «боро». It became by means of pink powder which was shown by white drawing after acceptance of a bath or during excitation.

Now, when the fashion on tattoo has captured, without the exaggeration, all world, to subdivide them into kinds it became difficult enough. But nevertheless some general lines to allocate it is possible:

Clan tattoos. They testify to an accessory of the person to this or that generality, group, a clan, a gang, a social layer, in general, to everything. The main thing — have uniting character, testify to a generality of members of this group.

Preserving tattoo. On the mission — close relatives of amulets, have the same mission and are so actual since ancient times up to now.

«Moment» tattoos. The Most widespread for today a kind of tattoos. Becomes «because so fashionably», «I think, to me will go», «oh, at it such class, and I such want». Do not bear any semantic loading, carries out the same function, as costume jewellery on every day. Are frequently carried out as time «tattoo».

Tattoos — hobbies. This kind is characteristic for people, really, not representing the life without two things: a tattoo and the hobby. Such tattoo are, as a rule, works of art, rush with pride all life, and, frequently, cover almost all surface of a body.

Tattoos «for memory». One of the most widespread and practical kinds tattoo. Can be executed in the form of the drawings reminding of significant event in a life or expensive person, and can bear and absolutely practical loading: numbers of important phones, bank accounts, group of blood and other helpful information.

The most popular in Lvov are tattoos of hieroglyphs symbolising success and harmony, or tattoo in the form of an ornament of usually black colour. Tattoos in style black&gray, images of mythical beings, dragons in the Chinese style (for men) or tattoos of beautiful orchids (for women) are popular.

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