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This is not just a pimple! Scars from boils, if treated incorrectly, can remain for life.

These abscesses, which suddenly appear on the skin of the face, neck, back of the head, shoulders, buttocks or under the armpits, not only spoil our appearance, but are also a source of infection in the body.  Sometimes, in order to get rid of them, it is even necessary to use a blood transfusion.


We are talking about boils – inflammation of the mouth of the sebaceous gland of hair follicles, which are all over the body.  Why they are formed and how to treat them, Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist of the highest category, tells.


– What kind of works are these?


– Furuncles develop as a result of an infection entering the sebaceous gland.  Most often from the group of staphylococci.  This happens, for example, when a person does not follow the rules of personal hygiene, does not monitor the cleanliness of the skin and hands, as well as persons with increased fat or sweating.

In addition, the infection becomes more active against the background of decreased immunity.


– How can you distinguish a furuncle from an ordinary pimple?


-A furuncle looks like a red, cone-shaped nodule that grows quickly.  Often in this place you can feel a sharp throbbing pain, and touching the boil is quite painful.  Over time, a pale yellow formation appears on the surface of the cone, which indicates the presence of pus.  Optimally, this rod should come out of the boil on its own (this means that it has matured), and the wound will heal within a few days.

If boils appear simultaneously on different parts of the body, we can talk about furunculosis, which requires systemic treatment with antibiotics.  After all, in this case, the infection spreads very quickly throughout the body.  Often suppuration causes body temperature, general weakness.  With long-standing furunculosis, inflammation of the skin around hair follicles (carbuncles) or even damage to lymph nodes

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