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Wart removal

As know, warts are neoplasms that can suddenly appear on the skin of a person, thereby giving him unpleasant sensations. Basically, these problem areas appear on the skin due to the penetration of certain viral bacteria or epithelium into the human body. In appearance, the wart resembles a small tubercle that does not appear on human skin.

Since such neoplasms on the skin can cause unpleasant sensations to a person, including sweating of hands, feet, face, you need to deal with them in effective ways. Today, 2 main methods are known, thanks to which warts disappear forever. We are talking about laser and liquid nitrogen removal of warts.


If you are interested in removing warts in Lviv, contact our cosmetology studio for help. We can go through the procedure for laser removal of warts.

Prices for visible warts near Lviv

Below in the table are prices for visible warts at the Zhanvi cosmetology center, which is located near Lviv.


Name of the procedure       Partiality *
The appearance of warts
Laser treatment of warts (1 pc.)       600 – 650грн
treatment warts krio alpha (1pc.)            150грн.

* Please check with our administrator about the frequency of procedures!

We can undergo laser treatment of warts

This method of surgical removal of growths on the skin has many advantages, including:

  • the absence of a postoperative scar on the skin, the wound heals within 2-3 days;
  • a feeling of minimal discomfort during the procedure;
  • lack of special care for the wound in the postoperative period;
  • absolutely healing the affected area within 2-3 days from the date of the operation.

With the help of laser removal of neoplasms on the skin, microscopic vessels are blocked, so this procedure does not cause hemorrhage and is absolutely safe and painless. It is also worth noting the impossibility of the formation of a relapse of the growth, removed using a laser. In addition, the removed tissue can retain all the vital abilities, so it can be sent for histological analysis.

Removal of warts in Lviv can be carried out using liquid nitrogen

This procedure can also be ordered in our cosmetology center. Using this method, harmful growths on the skin can be removed after a couple of procedures. If we are talking about small warts, one procedure will be enough to remove them, but if the growth is large, you will have to go through a similar procedure, at least 2 times. This type of wart disposal is also completely painless and does not pose a risk to human health.

The effect of the procedure


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