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Cavitation and RF lifting: 2 procedures for the price of one

In Lviv, a service has appeared that will help increase immunity during the coronavirus pandemic. Half an hour - instead of four years of hardening In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone must take care of their immunity. The cryosauna in the Janvi cosmetology center will help to increase it. The head physician of the center Zhanna Prikhodko talks about the benefits and effects of cryotherapy sessions. - A bit of "cryo" suggests

By the end of December 2019, we provide -10% discount on the contouring procedure of lip plastic! Contour plastic lips will help: make your sponges expressive and attractive; increase the total volume of the lips not surgically; give the lip tissues extra moisture. надати тканинам губ додаткове зволоження.   Lviv city 📍Lychakivska, 39 st. 📍Horodocka, 181 st.

The advantages and features of the innovative procedure told "DZ" dermatologist of the highest category Zhanna Prichodko. Mesothreads were invented by South East Asian specialists. The biggest breakthrough in the manufacture of various types of "threads of youth" was made by specialists in South Korea. Thanks to the mesonite you can pull up not only the oval of the face, but also create a framework for the fallen parts of the

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