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Shellfish on the skin

“My child has some strange ‘pearls’ on his chin. They are flesh-colored, crumpled on the inside and do not hurt. The pediatrician said that it looks like a mollusk – they say, there is such a viral disease. This is the first time I’ve heard of him. And where does the child get this strange virus, if it’s summer and we just arrived from the sea. And why, as the pediatrician says, should my child go to a dermato-venereologist – is this a venereal disease?

“Obviously, we are talking about molluscum contagiosum,” explains Zhanna Prikhodko, a dermatocosmetologist of the highest category.
- This is an infectious viral disease that is transmitted either by direct contact or by using common hygiene items (sponges, shaving razors, towels, etc.), swimming pool, bath, etc. Unfortunately, people often get sick after sunbathing, because under the influence of sunlight, the skin becomes dry and vulnerable. And very often the virus infects children, because their immune system is not formed.
Molluscum contagiosum is not considered a venereal disease, but it can also be transmitted during sexual intercourse from an infected person to a healthy person (then painless flesh-colored, pearly-colored "peas" appear in the external genital area). But the typical arrangement of the "pearls" is on the face, arms or torso.
There are many other skin conditions similar to molluscum contagiosum. For example, papillomas or warts. In any case, you should take your child to a specialist. Molluscum contagiosum is removed painlessly. In rare cases, additional antiviral treatment may be required (certain medications are prescribed by a doctor).
Often, if a person's immunity is strong, self-treatment occurs - the mollusk disappears from the skin by itself, and even a trace of it does not remain. But self-infection can also occur, as the disease progresses, the rash spreads throughout the body. Therefore, I do not advise you to hesitate with a visit to a specialist.
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