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How to preserve youth?

How to preserve youth?

Every woman dreams of looking young and attractive for as long as possible.  But, unfortunately, every day we are steadily approaching old age.  Physiological aging of the body begins already after 25 years.  And it starts first of all on the skin.  It loses moisture, becomes less elastic and wrinkles appear.


However, modern medicine has found a way to stop the aging process.  At least its external manifestations.  The youth of the skin can be preserved with the help of a new method of influencing the skin – mesotherapy.  By the way, with this method, you can fight with cosmetic skin defects, and with cellulite, and with the so-called second chin and obesity.  In the West, mesotherapy has long been an ally of those who want to look and feel young.  For Ukraine, this is still a new, but very promising direction.  As Zhanna Prykhodko, a member of the Association of Mesotherapists of Ukraine, dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category, told me, mesotherapy is a method based on the introduction of small doses of medical preparations under the skin.  Active substances are injected into the patient directly into the problem area or into the area near it.  It is only administered shallowly (to a depth of 1.5 to 6 millimeters) with microscopic doses, very thin and short needles.  In this way, special cocktails get under the skin – a set of different drugs, the components of which vary depending on the needs of the patient.


“This procedure almost does not cause pain, – says Zhanna Oleksiivna – and if necessary, painkillers can be administered.”  Another advantage of mesotherapy is that after this procedure, the rehabilitation period lasts from several hours to two days, and the result lasts for quite a long time.


“The effect depends not only on which drugs are administered. The secret of mesotherapy is in the action on biologically active points and reflexogenic areas of the skin,” the doctor continues.  As a result, the process of the appearance of wrinkles slows down, the skin is deeply moisturized, the structure of the skin is balanced, and the appearance of the skin is noticeably improved.  How long does this treatment last?  The rhythm is approximately as follows: one procedure for 7-10 days, and in case of acute conditions, 2-3 procedures per week for 2-3 weeks in a row. The number of sessions per course is from 4 to 15. To fight cellulite, you need to undergo at least ten sessions  .  On average, 10-20 cubes of the drug are injected during one procedure. The higher the molecular weight of the substances, the longer they stay in the skin and act.


What can mesotherapy do?

Slow down the aging process, revive sluggish, dehydrated skin, eliminate fine and small wrinkles. In addition, it is recommended for those with problematic (oily, porous or tired) facial skin.  In cosmetology, mesotherapy helps in the treatment of rosacea (acne), couperosis (when the network of vessels is placed too close to the surface of the skin), as well as in the expansion of vessels under the skin.  And for those who have scars on their skin or stretch marks (this is the scientific name for stretch marks), there is no better remedy.  However, with the help of mesotherapy, you can do not only cosmetic, but also, so to speak, major repairs.  It is recognized as one of the best ways to overcome cellulite, obesity, local fat deposits, double chin, and bags under the eyes.

In addition, alopecia (baldness) is treated in this way.  And, after all, this is just a great way to nourish the skin with vitamins and trace elements.


Friend and enemy.

But it is necessary to understand that mesotherapy is not a panacea.  Let’s say that in order to get rid of cellulite, you need to undergo a long course of treatment with the use of various means – mesotherapy, massage, and diet.

“You should know that mesotherapy is a medical procedure, it is an intervention in the body, so it can only be performed by a doctor,” says Zhanna Prykhodko.  A mesattherapist should be knowledgeable in immunology, skin biochemistry, reflexology, know biologically active points that can be used to solve this or that problem.  In addition, the specialist should be familiar with allopathic and homeopathic drugs that can be used in mesotherapy.  And, of course, the doctor should be aware of the complications that may arise when using mesotherapy.”


Forever Young ?

Is mesotherapy really able to stop the aging process?

According to Zhanna Oleksiivna, whether we like it or not, with age, the skin dehydrates, loses hyaluronic acid and begins to age.  Mesotherapy stimulates fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), which contribute to the production of collagen and elastin, thanks to which the elasticity of the skin improves.  “Mesotherapy makes it possible to restore the ideal physiological state of the skin and maintain the balance that is characteristic of young age. It ensures the optimal functioning of cells, which makes it possible to fight the aging process of the skin,” says the doctor.  But no method will give results if you do not follow a simple rule – as much movement as possible, fresh air, vegetables and fruits.  Then you will be young not only on the outside!


Advantages of mesotherapy:

Due to the fact that medical or vitamin cocktails are non-toxic, mesotherapy methods can not only solve certain problems, but also cleanse the body and improve its general condition.  Patients’ headaches disappear, their mood and sleep improve.

Long-term preservation of results. For example, after treatment of cellulite, the visible effect persists for a year.

There are no age restrictions.



Oncological diseases, high blood pressure, infectious diseases, acute inflammatory processes, herpetic rashes and other skin pathology (papillomas, nevi), allergic reactions to animal products, blood coagulation disorders, individual adverse effects of one of the components of the drug, as well as pregnancy and lactation.

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