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If the mole crowe. Changes in the color, size, symmetry of a mole may indicate its malignant transformation.

If the mole crowe. Changes in the color, size, symmetry of a mole may indicate its malignant transformation.

The sunny season has begun – people spend weekends at picnics or at summer cottages, exposing their skin to the rays of the sun. And soon – the time of holidays, when it is magical on the beaches.
Meanwhile, experts say that it is in the sunny months that the risk of degeneration of moles into melanomas – malignant skin tumors.

– But everyone has birthmarks, is everyone under threat?

“Moles, or nevi, are benign skin tumors,” explains Zhanna Prikhodko, a dermatologist of the highest category. – Someone owes several moles, and someone – several dozen.
There is such statistics: if there are more than 20 moles on the human body, there is a risk of their degeneration into melanoma.
However, for this there must be certain vocative factors. In particular, the presence of oncological diseases in close relatives, living in ecologically unfavorable regions, and the like. In addition, solar radiation is a powerful provocative factor – 3.5 percent of oncopathologies are caused precisely by excessive exposure to the sun.

– And how to distinguish a “calm” mole from the one with which melanoma can develop?

– Since melanoma is not an age-related disease, that is, it can develop in young people and children, it is very important to be able to distinguish between the precursors of the degeneration of a mole into melanoma.
So, the usual mole is monochromatic. If blotches of other colors began to appear in it: brown, red, purple, this is a sign that the mole has begun to be reborn.
Also pay attention to the shape – healthy moles are usually round or oval. If you draw an imaginary line through the mole, its halves should be symmetrical, as if a mirror image of each other.
Moles, in which the processes of rebirth have begun, become asymmetrical, the edges as they creep apart – this is also an alarm signal. In addition, the edges of a healthy mole at the level are clear, blurred, and in melanomas, they are torn, covered with cracks, scaly, and may bleed. And also pay attention to the increase in the mole – moles with a diameter of more than 6 millimeters should cause concern, because most melanomas are between 6 mm and 1 cm in size.

– Some people think that the appearance of hair in the mole is an alarming sign. This is true?

– On the contrary – the presence of hair in a mole is a sign that it is healthy. It is the “hairy” moles that are less likely to turn into melanoma. But hair loss from a mole should alert you.
In no case should you pull the hair out of a mole, because it can be injured and start the process of rebirth. It happens that a mole begins to bleed or lights up – they do not cover it with a plaster, but go to the doctor.
The mass appearance of new moles is also a cause for concern.
Also, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and be sure to use protective creams. Safe sun exposure periods are before 10 am and after 4 pm. Very careful should be light-skinned and fair-haired, red-haired, prone to freckles, as well as people suffering from sunburn in childhood. And, of course, for those who have a large number of moles on the body, especially large ones.

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