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Laser removal of warts

In medical practice, several methods for removing warts and papillae are used. Our center offers one of the most effective means according to expert and patient feedback – laser removal or laser coagulation. This procedure allows you to safely and painlessly remove tumors on any part of the body, including on the face, eyelids, and even in the mouth or nose.

What is the result of the removal of warts with a laser in Lviv? The laser projector acts directly on the infected areas of the skin, cleanses the skin of the tissues of the skin gently and without injury. After laser exposure, as can be seen in the photo before and after, wrinkle growths disappear completely. The procedure itself takes on experienced doctors for no more than ten minutes. After laser removal of the tumor remains a tiny wound that quickly heals and leaves no noticeable traces. Evaporation of skin lesions with the help of a laser does not cause any tumors on the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser technology

Laser removal of warts in Lviv is one of the most popular services, because the advantages of this method are much more than minuses.

Pluses: Minuses:
  • Security. Removal by a laser occurs in a contactless way, it is a sterile, less traumatic means.
  • Lack of visible traces. After complete healing, there is no coarse scarring and scarring.
  • Speed. The procedure lasts for a few minutes, with just one session to remove the neoplasm.
  • Accuracy. Modern equipment allows you to control the depth of penetration of the laser beam.
  • Versatility. The laser can be used to remove any builds of any size, anywhere. For example: freezing with liquid nitrogen is suitable only for papillomas of medium and small size with clear contours.
  • Painlessness. Local anesthesia eliminates unpleasant sensations.
  • Prevention. The laser affects not only the wart itself, it destroys the capillaries that feed it, and also provides for the disinfection of surrounding tissues.
  • One of the drawbacks of the method is a fairly high price for the removal of warts with a laser. However, given that warts disappear after one procedure, the costsjustify themselves. Check out our prices here.
  • There are cases when the growth does not completely remove or, on the contrary, the skin burns too deep. But such problems arise only when the treatment is carried out by an inexperienced specialist.
  • Immediately after removal, the wound remains (its size depends on the size of the warts). It will disappear completely in approximately 1.5-2 weeks. A scar can stay if a person has any skin disease, or if the procedure was conducted by an unskilled specialist.
  • Although the process of burning out warts due to anesthesia is painless, some time in the area of the treated area may be discomfort and slight edema. These are temporary phenomena that disappear in 1-3 days.

Examples of “before” and “after” 

* results are not the same for all clients.

Indications and contraindications for laser wart removal

Indications for laser coagulation (it is a laser destruction)

Removal of a wart with a laser on the finger

Warts are a disadvantage of a cosmetic disadvantage, and this fact alone is an excuse for ordering laser removal to “Janvi” Center in Lviv. But there are more serious indications:

  • Physical discomfort (the wart is in a place where it is constantly affected or cracked).
  • There was a mechanical or chemical damage to the warts, growth rapidly increases, changes shape or color.
  • Warts bleed.

Before removing growth or mole, it is advisable to consult a physician, especially if the tumor causes physical discomfort or modification.


Limits for laser coagulation are few, moreover, most of them have a relative or temporary nature. These technologies are used for adults and for children, it is advisable to only pass preliminary consultation with a specialist (dermatologist, cosmetologist). It is not recommended to conduct the procedure:

  • During inflammatory and infectious diseases.
  • When exacerbation of herpes.
  • When exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • During pregnancy.
  • Oncologic diseases.

Rules for preparation for the laser wart removal procedure

Laser wart removal on modern equipment

Some special training does not require this method of treating warts, but there are general recommendations:

  • Women are not advised to burn off growth during menstruation, it is better to do it at another time.
  • A few days before and after the procedure, immunomodulatory drugs that enhance immunity can be taken.
  • A few days before and especially after a laser therapy session, it is necessary to exclude access to the treated zone of direct sunlight.
  • It is advisable to refuse to take alcohol on the eve.

If during a preliminary consultation with a doctor the tumor causes some suspicion or doubt, the patient may be referred for diagnosis – to establish the nature and cause of the onset of the onset.

If during a preliminary consultation with a doctor the tumor causes some suspicion or doubt, the patient may be referred for diagnosis – to establish the nature and cause of the onset of the onset.

How is the removal of warts laser in Lviv in the center “Janvi”?

Everything takes no more than 10-15 minutes. The lesion area is treated with antiseptics and local anesthetics (anesthetics). After this, the tip of the laser is directed to the tumor, and within a few minutes evaporation occurs. At the end of coagulation, the skin is treated with antiseptics, and in the morning a protective band is applied. For one visit, removal of several small warts is possible.

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