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They do not like the cold

They do not like the cold

To protect the lips from weathering, just lubricate them..oil.
In winter, the delicate skin of the lips suffers greatly – the lips begin to “crack”, there are even wounds. Therefore, they must be protected from wind, snow and frost.

And in over-dried rooms, you can’t please your lips – the skin quickly loses its canopy, which makes it even drier and flaky.

What to do? Why are the lips so vulnerable in the cold season?

– Due to low temperatures, the vessels narrow, because on the lips they are located very close to the surface, – explains Zhanna Prykhodko, cosmetologist of the highest category. – In addition, the skin of the lips contains many nerve endings, and therefore responds most quickly to frost, wind, temperature changes. Finally, there are no sebaceous glands in the lips, so they dry out quickly, there are cracks. That is why the delicate skin of the lips must be protected, nourished, moisturized. Therefore, in winter, always use a hygienic lipstick before going outside and at home. And at night, apply greasy nourishing creams with a vitamin complex on the lips.

Are there any home remedies that can protect the lips? It is good to lubricate the lips with an oil solution of vitamins A and E, as well as sea buckthorn, rose hip or olive oils. If there is no morning on the lips, do the following: soak a toothbrush in a mixture of oil (preferably olive) and honey and apply on the lips (massage and peeling in parallel). If there are cracks and wounds, then do it with your finger, but be sure to massage your lips. In general, the lips can be lubricated with butter, honey, yogurt, cream or apply a thin layer of cottage cheese. Such masks nourish the skin well. Hold for at least 15 minutes.

And if there are cracks, lips hurt, bleed – then what? – In this case, apply cotton swabs with a decoction of chamomile, sage, calendula or oak bark to the cracks. Or cut along the aloe leaves and wipe the lips with the pulp several times a day.

When the lips are cracked, do the following: mix pumpkin juice with cottage cheese. Apply this gruel on the lips for 10 minutes, then remove with a napkin soaked in water. In case of cracks, lubricate the lips with sea buckthorn oil – it has a wound-healing effect. Actively helps the regeneration of skin cells and oil solution of vitamin E.

Cracks on the lips can be realized if you lubricate them with oil 3-4 times a day. A mask made of carrot juice and cottage cheese has a wonderful emollient effect on dry lips.

You can make an apple mask to soften the lips and treat small cracks. To do this, grate an apple, add a teaspoon of oil, apply on lips for 15-20 minutes. Or make a carrot mask: grated carrots mixed with honey, sour cream (a teaspoon of carrots – a quarter tablespoon of honey and sour cream). If there is no improvement, you can use medicated ointments – such as panthenol. If the cracks are bleeding, the skin of the lips is inflamed, temporarily abandon make-up. Instead, use hygienic lipsticks and lip balms. Choose those that contain jojoba, shea, almond, coconut oil, they promote healing of cracks on the lips, building a protective hydrolipid layer.

In addition, the poor condition of the skin of the lips indicates primarily a lack of vitamins (especially A and group B), as well as trace elements such as iron, zinc and more. So eat more carrots, pumpkin, persimmons, dairy products, eggs, fish, mushrooms and nuts.

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