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Do not throw away potato peels!

The rough skin of the heels can be easily turned into silky without expensive procedures. The season of open shoes is coming to an end. Sandals and light bags often leave a "rough memory" of rough heels with calluses and calluses. Meanwhile, a few simple native methods will help you make your heels silky again. As Zhanna Prykhodko, a doctor matologist-cosmetologist of the highest category, will tell. - Rough heels spoil the look

What is the cause of hyperhidrosis and what pathologies can indicate a pungent odor of sweat? It is normal to sweat on a hot summer day, in the gym, in a stuffy room, because in this way the body is protected from overheating. However, if even at a comfortable +20 - 22oC sweat flows in streams, and this is not associated with excessive physical activity, it can be a serious illness,

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