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Again, these moist spots under the armpits …

Again, these moist spots under the armpits …

What is the cause of hyperhidrosis and what pathologies can indicate a pungent odor of sweat?

It is normal to sweat on a hot summer day, in the gym, in a stuffy room, because in this way the body is protected from overheating. However, if even at a comfortable +20 – 22oC sweat flows in streams, and this is not associated with excessive physical activity, it can be a serious illness, doctors say.

– Hyperhidrosis is a violation of the mechanism of thermoregulation, which protects the body from overheating. There may be several reasons for this problem, – says Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist. – It often accompanies endocrine disorders, diseases of the nervous system, and may be genetically determined. At the same time, a person sweats profusely not only in hot weather, but even in a cool room or with little excitement.

– How to understand whether the mechanism of thermoregulation is broken?

– Usually a person in hot weather produces up to two liters of sweat per day, and in hyperhidrosis – the same amount per hour. That is, it literally sweats.By the way, I had a patient whose hyperhidrosis ruined her personal relationship – the guy was annoyed that his chosen one was sweating a lot. And it was harmful in professional life: at every interview the candidate for the position was drenched in sweat. This made her even more nervous, insecure, confused. As it turned out, the tendency to increased sweating was genetically formed in her: the nervous system overreacted to external sources of irritation, and high sensitivity to adrenaline exacerbated the problem. The course of therapeutic injections of a special substance that disrupts the neuromuscular transmission of impulses from the cerebral cortex to the areas of sweating, eliminated the problem of excessive sweating and relieved the associated discomfort.

– And if hyperhidrosis was associated, for example, with endocrine diseases, would the method of treatment be different?

– In any case, before deciding on treatment methods, it is important to first perform an analysis to determine the level of glucose in the blood and the level of thyroid-stimulating hormone to look for thyroid dysfunction. These pathologies cause hyperhidrosis most often. And then dermatological methods of treatment will not be enough, because you need to first treat the underlying disease

.- Is excessive sweating related to the consumption of certain products?

– Yes, sweating is enhanced by coffee and alcohol, onions, garlic, hot peppers. Excess weight is also noticeable. In obese people, the body produces more heat, and the layer of fat interferes with normal thermoregulation.

– Is the fact that sweating is accompanied by an unpleasant odor a norm or a pathology?

– The sweat itself has no smell. This is 90% water. But human skin is not sterile – it is inhabited by bacteria, which in the process of life and provoke a faint odor. Daily washing with soap, use of deodorants-antiperspirants eliminate it.If, in spite of everything, the smell remains and it is sharp, it indicates the activity of an excessive number of bacteria and fungi. Some of them, by the way, can cause yellowing of usually transparent sweat and the appearance of yellow spots under the armpits on clothes. This is a signal that additional examination is required: bacterial culture, scraping for the presence of fungus and luminescent diagnosis.


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