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And … a little cognac – for hair

And … a little cognac – for hair

In summer, hair should be rinsed with decoctions of chamomile, nettle, calendula or oak bark. At this time, our hair does not look the best – dry, brittle, dull.
It’s all from the sun’s rays, which dehydrate it and deprive it of elasticity and shine.

In summer, you should use special hair protection products, – recommends Zhanna Prykhodko, a cosmetologist of the highest qualification category. – Summer hair care lines are called “leave in”, ie “hair clothes”. This is a special series that contains moisturizers and UV filters, jojoba oil, shea butter, olive oil, oak bark extracts. They help the hair retain moisture and provide nutrients. Such balms are rubbed into the root and necessarily into the tips, because they are the most affected by the sun, become thin, cut…

–   Many people think that in summer you need to wash your head every day. It is right ?

–   No, you can’t do that. Even if it is a mild shampoo, it will dry your hair with daily use. The hair is washed as it gets dirty. It is more appropriate to simply treat it with a decoction of herbs. By the way, there is a secret: when washing, tilt your head as low as possible – it increases blood flow to the hair roots, increases their nutrition. And yet – in no case do not go outside with wet hair, even if it is hot outside. First, the street smog will immediately settle on it, and secondly, for wet hair, ultraviolet light is even more harmful.

–  By the way, you mentioned decoctions of herbs. And which ones are right for hair protection?
–  It is very good to rinse your hair with decoctions of chamomile, nettle, calendula, oak bark. These recipes were used by our grandmothers. If the hair is light, chamomile is best, for blond and red – nettle, and for black or brown hair – oak bark. Decoction rinse hair after shampooing and do not wash off.

–   And what masks from folk medicine would you advise?

–   There is a universal mask for any hair type, which nourishes and moisturizes it very well. Take the yolk of one raw egg, a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of cognac. This mask is rubbed into dry or wet hair, covered with a special plastic cap, wrapped in a towel and keep the mask for 30 minutes to two hours. After that, the hair is washed with shampoo and washed off with herbal decoction.

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