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Brown, gray, green. Eye color can tell a lot about a person

Brown, gray, green. Eye color can tell a lot about a person

It turns out that the color of a person’s eyes can “decipher” his psychological traits and individual characteristics.
How to explain it from the point of view of science? This is what Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist of the highest category, and Natalia Vlasova, a psychologist, say.

– How can eye color be related, for example, to a person’s character traits?

J. Prikhodko:
– The color of the eyes is genetically determined, but genes determine not only our appearance, but also the features of the psyche. Therefore, similar features have long been observed in owners of eyes of the same color.
For example, blue-eyed people have been shown to be more sensitive to pain than people with other eye colors. This is due to the fact that the nerve endings in such people come closer to the skin, and therefore the pain threshold in them is much lower. And blue-eyed people are prone to nervous diseases. But people with green and gray eyes tolerate pain better, while karaoke tends to experience great fear, waiting for pain, while they tolerate it quite easily. Scientists explain such patterns by genetic factors that are responsible for the “dose” of melanin.

N. Vlasova:
– It is believed that the more saturated and intense pigmentation of the eye, the more pronounced in a person’s inner strength, activity, energy. The lighter the color, the more sensitive the person. So people with brown eyes – impulsive, passionate, energetic, proactive, adventurous, have the makings of a leader, like to be the center of attention, confident, but can be overly conflicted, aggressive, inflammatory. People with light brown (hazel, amber) eyes have a completely different character than the owners of dark brown eyes. The lighter the eye – the more indecision, shyness. Such people are passive, abusive, but are distinguished by diligence, modesty, flexibility, reliability and diligence. They have a practical mind, so they often do things their own way.

Green-eyed people are characterized by endurance, stubbornness, determination, have the qualities of an organizer, although they do not aspire to leadership. Instead, they are realistic, carefully weighed, neat, demanding, proud. However, they can be agile and insidious, capable of manipulating people.

Blue-eyed-proud, can be spiteful and conflicted. They are seekers of justice, strong and determined people, like to argue, prone to adventure. Can be leaders, but more shadowy. People with blue eyes – romantics and dreamers, they are vulnerable and sensitive, take everything to heart, because of the smallest detail can get depressed, sentimental, suffer from mood swings. Although they can be emotionally cold and even cruel, they are prone to anger.

Gray-eyed people are workers. They are balanced, intelligent and practical, have a sober outlook on life, intellectuals. These are self-sufficient people who do not give in to ambition. In relations with others restrained and even cold. However, they are very reliable and honest for their relatives.

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