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Where there are two papillomas, there are four new ones

Where there are two papillomas, there are four new ones

After mechanical removal of tumors, antiviral therapy should be performed. This is the only way to avoid recurrence.
Natalia Druzhblyak

On your body, a lot of papillomas?..

Acne mainly affects people due to poor skin care and poor nutrition. This herpes “jumps” on the lips after hypothermia. We receive these moles as a gift from parents and the sun. The cause of papillomas is a virus, of which there are more than 120 types! 15 of them are carcinogenic – sexually transmitted and can cause cervical cancer in women, penile cancer in men (the ratio of such cases – 10:1), cancer of the anus and oropharynx.

Those types of virus that cause papillomas do not lead to malignant diseases. Papillomas – benign tumors. “But if a benign tumor is constantly subjected to friction, trauma, it can be reborn. Prolonged exposure to the sun also stimulates the cell mutation”, – warns dermatologist-cosmetologist.

He advises to remove all papillomas. Each tumor is a source of dissemination (spread) of the virus into the blood, which stimulates the appearance of new papillomas. It also makes a person contagious. If a loved one wipes it with a towel, it can become infected with the papillomavirus (provided the skin is damaged). If the immune system is weakened, the pathogen is activated.

Now papillomas are not removed with a scalpel. This is done with a laser, current (electrocoagulation method), liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction method) or a radio wave knife. Remove papillomas, the size of which does not exceed 0,5 mm, without anesthesia. You can get rid of more than ten papillomas in one visit to a clinic or beauty salon – it all depends on their location (the most difficult to remove on the face) and the size, presence or absence of “legs”.

You can get rid of unattractive growths at any time of year. If the size of the papilloma does not exceed 0,7 mm, the sutures will not be applied. A dark crust will not appear at the site of the removed tumor. In 3-5 days it will disappear. Prior to that, it is not recommended to wet it with water, apply creams or make-up, expose it to direct sunlight, as well as stick a band-aid.
After mechanical removal of tumors should undergo viral therapy. It is not possible to completely remove the virus from the blood, but you can “quench” its activity. In parallel, you should strengthen the immune system (lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, harden, take vitamins, etc.). This is the only way to avoid recurrence of the disease.

“This treatment should be given to all family members who have papillomas on their body. Because one will not have time to be treated, as others – at once infect it. We will have to start all over again”, – says the doctor.

Accidentally peeled off the papilloma. What shall I do?

Stop the bleeding with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Treat the wound with an antiseptic (preferably one that does not stain the skin) and apply a bactericidal patch. Put the torn fragment in saline (it can be purchased at the pharmacy) and schedule a visit to the doctor as soon as possible. Papilloma, of course, is not a mole, but it will be better if you make sure that everything is fine. In addition, if there is any particle of the tumor, it will need to get rid of.

WARNING! Do not try to cut, scratch or tear off the papilloma yourself. Do not use celandine, garlic, iodine and other alternative medicines. If you are not a doctor, there is always a risk that you may confuse papilloma with another tumor. In addition, careless removal of the growth will lead to its dispersion. Entrust this matter to a dermatologist. This procedure is not expensive, because most papillomas (unlike nevi, fibroids and atherosclerosis) lie in the upper layer of the skin. Removal of one papilloma will take an average of 30 seconds.

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