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Forget about sweets! Instead of complexing and squeezing out “black spots”, sometimes it is enough to change the diet.

Forget about sweets! Instead of complexing and squeezing out “black spots”, sometimes it is enough to change the diet.

For many teenagers, the appearance of acne on the face is a real tragedy. They spoil the appearance and mood, and all attempts to squeeze them turn the face into a war zone.
We asked Zhanna Prykhodko, a cosmetologist-dermatologist of the highest category, about the tactics of fighting acne.

 –  Where do these hated dots come from?

–  Acne rash occurs due to blockage of the sebaceous glands, which produce a special secretion that lubricates the skin and retains moisture. And in adolescence, when the hormonal background of the body changes, the oiliness of the skin increases, and with it becomes more bacteria, which begin to actively multiply in this “oil”.
All this clogs the pores, resulting in first single rashes, and then pimples with an element of suppuration. If you do not fight this, the skin can form solid “crusts” of black spots, which not only spoil the appearance, but can also be a source of infectious processes.
Acne can occur at the age of 11-12 years, and the peak occurs at 15-16 years. Over time, the oiliness of the skin decreases.

 –  Many people fight acne by squeezing them out…

–  That’s what I would not advise to do! The sebaceous gland is located at a distance of 3 millimeters under the skin, and therefore it is impossible to release it from the blockage by squeezing. However, this makes it very easy to get a secondary infection. In addition, squeezing will only promote the reproduction of acne.
Another mistake is to wash your face too intensely (to wash away blackheads) – mechanical irritation can make the condition worse.
 –  What to do then?

–  To overcome acne, in addition to steaming, cleaning and disinfection, often use internal therapy (taking sorbents, tonics and even antibiotics). In addition, the facial care program is selected individually. Very often, the problem of acne can be solved by giving up certain foods – sweet, fatty, flour, chips and crackers.

 –  And what to do to reduce the risk of acne?

–  It is necessary to use special foams containing zinc, and also antibacterial soap for washing. Wash with a decoction of herbs (a tablespoon of chamomile and a teaspoon of celandine to brew a glass of boiling water, cool), and once a week use a skin scrub.
Be sure to wipe your skin with an antibacterial lotion at night.
And another important point: not only girls but also boys have to take care of their faces during adolescence. After all, acne does not suit anyone…

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