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I do not recognize myself. Swelling under the eyes may indicate certain diseases.

I do not recognize myself. Swelling under the eyes may indicate certain diseases.

Do you get up in the morning and see your face in the mirror with horrible “bags” under your eyes?

If the day before you celebrated something loud or just did not sleep, it will pass as soon as the body rests. But if the “bags” under the eyes appear every day, then this is a signal for you – you should see a doctor.
– Such edemas indicate stagnation of blood and lymph in the tissues around the eyes, – says Zhanna Prykhodko, cosmetologist-dermatologist of the highest category. –  And they point out bad work
kidneys, problems with the cardiovascular system, or pathology of the thyroid gland. Therefore, if the “bags” under the eyes bother you every morning, you should consult a specialist and be examined.
Although often such edema is the result of excessive fluid and salt intake the day before. Fluid stagnation occurs at night, and the areas around the eyes suffer the most, where the skin is very tender and the muscles are weak. It’s easiest for fluid to accumulate there.
“Bags” under the eyes can signal that it’s time to change your lifestyle. You may not get enough sleep, eat poorly, work a lot at the computer, and get tired. Therefore, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day, go to bed no later than 22-23. Limit drinking, especially fizzy drinks and alcohol, a few hours before bedtime. If you like beer with chips (liquid and salt), do not be surprised that in the morning the face swells – salt does not allow the liquid to come out.

“Ambulances are lotions from brewed tea bags, or a cold towel.”

– Is it possible to get rid of “bags” under the eyes?

– There are certain procedures in beauty salons – in particular, microgrinding of the skin (improves blood and lymph circulation, tightens the skin), mesotherapy (regulates the inflow and outflow of lymph, improves skin condition) or biorevitalization (introduction of certain drugs under the skin). And the reason for the formation of “bags” under the eyes is the growth of adipose tissue. Muscle can’t hold the fat that builds up in the orbit, and with age it seems to “break through” under the lower eyelid. In such cases, perform cosmetic surgery – blepharoplasty.

– Maybe there are some folk methods? What to do when an important meeting is ahead and you need to look good immediately?

– Ambulance in this case are lotions from brewed tea bags, the application of slices of cucumber or mashed raw potatoes (it is best to wrap in gauze). They are applied under the eyes cold. You can make ice cubes on decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, oak bark), which “wash” with edema. Or just apply a cold towel – it will also improve the drainage of the skin.
In the evening, you can do this cold-hot procedure: cool one half of the herbal decoction, the other – warm up. Soak pieces of cotton wool alternately in cold and warm broth and apply to the eyes. Then lubricate the skin under the eyes with a special eye cream. The procedure is done every other day.
To prevent puffiness under the eyes, you should reduce salt intake, instead eat more potassium-rich foods – bananas, apricots and avocados.

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