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Cosmetologists have recommended the best age for ear piercing

Cosmetologists have recommended the best age for ear piercing

Our grandmothers would be shocked – today even babies are pierced ears. Often, a beauty is brought to this procedure while still in diapers. Is not it too early?

Once it was not advised to pierce the ears earlier than three years old – it is by this age that the cartilage of the auricle is formed. Now they do it almost from birth. And when is it better and more correct to do it?

I can confirm in practice that more and more often parents bring girls up to one year old. They say the child will not remember the pain, – says Zhanna Prikhodko, a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category. However, I believe that this is still early. From a medical point of view, you should not pierce the ears of children under three years old. This is due to the structure of the ear – by this time the process of formation of the ear cartilage takes place.

In addition, a large number of biologically active points are concentrated in the earlobes, which are associated with other organs. The smaller the lobe, the higher the risk of hitting such a point and causing harm.

Finally, keep in mind that a small child can accidentally pull on the nub, which will cause pain or even tear the earlobe, as well as introduce an infection into a wound that is still healing. In addition, other children can pull on the beautiful shiny little bag.

Therefore, it is better to pierce the ears after the child reaches the age of three. But there is an upper limit – it is advisable to do this before the age of 11, because later the risk of colloidal scar formation at the puncture site (“walking” inside the lobe).

– Are there any contraindications for piercing?

– On the day of the procedure, the child must be absolutely healthy – if she has a cold, has a viral infection, the wound can become inflamed and take longer to heal. Contraindications to piercing can be diabetes and blood coagulation pathology. Those who are allergic to metals should also be careful.

And, of course, you need to pierce your ears in a medical center or a beauty parlor, where they adhere to the principles of sterility, and a person with a medical education should do this. Do not try to pierce your ears at home, because it is fraught with a variety of treats.

A special “pistol” is used for a puncture, which will quickly and painlessly make a puncture. In addition, thanks to the “pistol”, a nail made of a special metal is inserted into just the punched hole, which is used in surgery, does not cause irritation and promotes better healing. Such medical earrings must be worn for at least a month, or better – all three, and only then put on your earrings.

– How to take care of your ear after a puncture?

– There are special non-alcoholic antiseptic solutions with which you need to treat the puncture site. If the wound hurts, swells, suppurates, consult a doctor. Additional antibacterial solutions or ointments may be needed.

When changing “training” earrings for others, it is better to take gold earrings – this metal does not cause irritation. Silver is in second place. And only then comes the usual costume jewelry, which can be worn no earlier than three months after piercing

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