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Cryosauna: cold guarding health, weight loss and beauty

Cryosauna: cold guarding health, weight loss and beauty

In Lviv, a service has appeared that will help increase immunity during the coronavirus pandemic. Half an hour instead of four years of hardening.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone must take care of their immunity. The cryosauna in the Janvi cosmetology center will help to increase it. The head physician of the center Zhanna Prikhodko talks about the benefits and effects of cryotherapy sessions.

– A bit of “cryo” suggests that this sauna is not hot at all, but on the contrary?

– That’s right – the cryosauna booth “breathes” not heat, but cold. This healing technique is very popular in Europe. The effect is achieved through extreme cooling – cold penetrates into the upper layers of the skin, as a result of which the body rejuvenates, cellulite and wrinkles, and weight are reduced. Ten cryosauna sessions replace four years of hardening.

– First of all, is a cryosauna a medical technique?

– It’s true, initially it was used by doctors. The first was a Japanese doctor who proved that cold can heal. Cryosauna became a therapeutic tool for many medical luminaries, and then migrated to cosmetologists.

My personal experience is that after a cryosauna, which I used for the first time, a severe cold passed in a couple of days. Then we thought about purchasing it, in order to give the opportunity to experience a similar effect and Lviv.
Harder than Antarctica, but safe

– To what marks does the temperature drop in the cryosauna?

– From -80° to -180° C. Don’t worry, it is impossible to get hypothermia or frostbite in three minutes. The cabin is gradually filled with nitrogen vapors – you will not “dive” from the comfortable +24° on the street to -180° right away. This is a mild, enveloping cold, after which you will feel a surge of strength and vivacity.
We protect the most vulnerable places, palms and feet, with the help of special boots and gloves.

– How many procedures will be required to achieve the desired effect?

– For the treatment of a certain disease, it may take up to 30 procedures, and to increase immunity, ten is enough.

– How much does this service cost?

– The price of one cryotherapy session is 399 UAH.

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