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What cures laundry soap? Forgotten useful properties

What cures laundry soap? Forgotten useful properties

Ordinary laundry soap is an excellent remedy. Older people say that laundry soap is better than any of the most expensive shampoos. If you wash your hair with it, it will become thicker, more lush, stronger. And what do doctors say?

Laundry soap contains a lot of fatty acids (up to 72 percent – these figures are embossed on a piece of soap) and has a pH with a tendency to an alkaline environment. As a rule, this soap does not cause allergies, because it does not contain artificial flavors. Therefore, some pediatricians recommend washing children’s clothes only with this soap.

Laundry soap can be used instead of shampoo. Of course, this choice was made due to the shortage of other cosmetics for hair care and the availability of soap. But after washing with this soap, the hair really looks shiny, healthier – this soap washes away dirt well and does not contain synthetic substances, like most shampoos. It is best for oily hair, because it dissolves fat well, eliminates dandruff. However, I would not recommend using this product constantly, because sooner or later the hair and scalp will start to dry out.

Also, from time to time you can apply a mask of household soap – soap your head, beat into a foam and leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse well with water with lemon juice or vinegar (to neutralize alkali). After this procedure, the hair must be lubricated with nourishing balm.

In fact, washing with household soap eliminates oily shine, makes the skin smooth. And to get rid of acne and blackheads, you can do the following: rub a small piece of soap, add hot water and beat on a stable foam. Add a teaspoon of salt and apply on face, keep the mask for half an hour, rinse first with warm, then cold water.

However, household soap still remains household, not cosmetic, and even more so – medical. Therefore at the mentioned problems of skin it is more appropriate to apply ichthyol soap. In addition, laundry soap has such a defect as an unpleasant odor, and therefore not very suitable for cosmetic procedures.

This soap is an excellent antiseptic, so it is really good for wounds that do not heal well. For example, respected professors always advised women to use only household soap after childbirth – so the gaps healed better, the probability of their infection and suppuration decreased. And surgeons once used this soap as “surgical gloves” – they soaped their hands with thick foam and waited for it to dry (so sterility was ensured).

Actually, due to the powerful antiseptic properties of the bath with household soap is useful if there are open wounds around the nails, painful burrs, panaritium (purulent inflammation of the skin of the fingers, especially around the nails). And hot baths for nails with household soap well steam the calluses, trampled, and also have a disinfecting and drying effect.

Soap is also useful for cracked heels. To do this, dissolve a tablespoon of grated soap and a teaspoon of baking soda in two liters of hot water. The feet are kept in water for 15-20 minutes, after which the skin is wiped dry and lubricated with nourishing cream.

The article was prepared by Marina MOROZ.

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