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Tanning does not cure it: calendula, chamomile and salt will help to eliminate pimples from the skin

Tanning does not cure it: calendula, chamomile and salt will help to eliminate pimples from the skin

Many people are ashamed to undress even on the beach because of acne on the body. Moreover, the skin on the face “protests” against such a combination in summer as dust and sweat, so the unpleasant rash does not disappear.

Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatocosmetologist of the highest category of the city cosmetology hospital, told about how to clean the skin from acne.

– Why does the condition of the skin often worsen in summer?

– Very often now patients with acne or dermatitis turn to cosmetologists. This is mostly due to swimming in bodies of water that are often polluted by various runoff. So it is not surprising that the condition of the skin is deteriorating. Add to this the fact that sweating increases in the summer and the body is open, so dust gets on the skin and the pores become clogged. Here are the causes of acne.

– And they say that under the sun pimples disappear quickly…

– Ultraviolet radiation can really be a favorable factor for improving the condition of the skin (because under the action of the rays enhance its protective functions). But remember, it’s only before 11 a.m. and after 4 p.m. However, if acne on the body is accompanied by inflammatory processes, only tanning can not be cured.

Finally, for those who are ashamed to come to the beach in this form, I will give some tips to improve the condition of the skin. Acne on the body should be wiped with antibacterial lotion and lubricated with antibacterial ointment (these funds should be purchased at the pharmacy).

If you have calendula tincture at home, dilute it with boiled water (in a ratio of one to six, so as not to burn the skin) and lubricate the pimples.

I will add that such procedures can be performed only in the evening, when the skin will no longer be exposed to sunlight. But it is best to consult a beautician to have a specialist assess the severity of the process and prescribe the necessary procedures. And you may need photo laser treatment, the use of bactericidal lamps, antibacterial therapy.

– Is it possible to squeeze pimples on the body?

– By no means. It is not uncommon for acne to disappear for a few days after being squeezed out, but then reappear in much greater numbers. Because such actions introduce an infection into the bloodstream, which spreads quickly. Such actions are especially dangerous for the face. Because when you squeeze, you capture the flora from the tissues around the eel. This can threaten even a septic process.

Instead, lubricate the abscesses with ichthyol ointment, leave for 50 minutes, put cotton wool on top. As a result, microbes are killed, the inflammatory node becomes softer, and its contents burst. Then do not forget to use antibacterial ointment.

– And if you have acne on your face, will steam baths help?

– You can arrange a steam bath for the face for 15-20 minutes (for example, from a decoction of chamomile), when the skin becomes steamed, the pores open, lightly scrub with a thick brewed coffee, rice flour or a mixture of salt and soda (a teaspoon). After 15 minutes, rinse and lubricate with antibacterial ointment. But this procedure should be done no more than 1-2 times a month, because this process can be stressful for the skin, and here it is important not to overdo it.

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