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There is no hair, there is a virus

There is no hair, there is a virus

Improper hair removal can cause a viral skin disease

It turns out that hair removal (a procedure to remove unwanted hair on certain parts of the body) can cause skin diseases. After all, due to microtraumas that occur during epilation, a viral infection easily penetrates the skin.
So say French researchers from Nice, who analyzed people’s appeals to dermatologists about a viral infection of the skin Molluscum contagium (contagious mollusk). As it turned out, 30 percent of patients had recently had hair removal.

     – How can hair removal and skin viral infection be linked?

– The fact is that during this procedure there are microtraumas of the skin, especially if the shaving is done incorrectly, – explains Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category. – As a result, the skin becomes vulnerable – the wounds get bacterial microflora, which can cause various rashes, suppuration. And also through microtraumas the virus of a contagious mollusk can get into skin.

     – What is this virus?

– Contagious mollusk (also called contagious mollusk) is a viral infection of the skin. Once in the middle, the virus causes a rash on the skin in the form of nodules of pink or flesh color with a depression in the center.
This virus is highly contagious and spreads rapidly. Therefore, if someone at home has this problem, the likelihood of infection is very high. For example, through a towel, bed linen, sexual intercourse or even ordinary touch. You can also get infected through a mat in the gym or pool.

Usually these nodules do not cause pain, but can become inflamed with mechanical damage or as a result of the body’s immune response. Typical location of such nodules – face, neck, chest, external genitalia, inner thighs. Nodules can appear either individually or in groups. Contagious mollusk is contagious until the complete disappearance of the rash. Therefore, if there is such a problem, do not hesitate – this virus is easy to diagnose, there are special antiviral drugs, and the nodules themselves are removed by cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen) or laser.

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