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To avoid becoming like a leopard

To avoid becoming like a leopard

Why do pigment spots appear on the skin with the arrival of spring heat and how to cope with them?
For many, age spots appear already at the beginning of May, as soon as the sun really begins to warm up. Some try to remove them on their own, without a doctor’s prescription, but this can only worsen the situation. How best to deal with them?
“I remember the first visit of a young patient, whose face had red spots,” describes a case from the practice of Zhanna Prikhodko, a dermatocosmetologist.
It looked as if the poor woman had been burned with a spray of hot oil. It turned out that the woman removed age spots with celandine juice. The juice of this plant does have certain medicinal properties, but if used incorrectly, it can cause burns. Therefore, it was necessary first of all to treat them. And only then they tackled the root cause of the problem – age spots. ”

– Please tell us what is a pigmented spot?
– This is an area of excessive and uneven accumulation of melanin – a pigment that is located in various layers of the epidermis. When it is deposited in the upper layer, small spots (they are called freckles) are formed on the skin, which can have a light yellow or pale brown color. Areas of hyperpigmentation, deposited deep into the epidermis, have a slightly different look: then the spots have a dark brown color.

– What can provoke the appearance of pigment spots?
– Changes in the hormonal background, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney pathology, deficiency of vital vitamins or minerals, prolonged use of certain medicines, the use of low-quality cosmetics. However, first of all, they appear as a result of exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation, which provokes increased melanin synthesis. By the way, a genetic predisposition to enhanced melanin synthesis may also appear.

– Why do age spots appear more often on the face?
– The skin of this part of the body is thin and the most vulnerable. As well as on the neck, hands – spots often appear there too. In addition, these are areas of the body that are most often unprotected from sunlight.

– How to get rid of age spots?
– When choosing a method of treatment, the severity of pigmentation, and the area of location and nature of the spot, its shape and size, as well as indications and contraindications to a specific method in each patient are taken into account. A proven method of fighting skin pigmentation is chemical peeling. In his
basis – the action of various acids that whiten dark areas. Laser peeling is also used: with the help of a laser beam, a layer of skin is removed, the mechanisms of its renewal and rejuvenation are triggered.

– Returning to the story of a woman with caretakers: is it really possible to remove age spots with the help of plants?
– Yes. For example, masks with parsley, lemon or cucumber juice are not aggressive to the skin. The whitening effect ensures the presence of acids in them. Therefore, allergic reactions due to their action are also not excluded. To make sure that the skin reacts normally to these plants, a test should be carried out: wipe a small area of the skin with a cotton swab with juice, rinse off with water after half an hour and observe that there will be no undesirable reaction.

– What if small age spots suddenly start to grow in size and change color?
– In this case, you should consult a dermatologist.
During dermatoscopy, using multiple optical magnification, the doctor can assess the color, shape, size and structure of the neoplasm, the nature of the distribution of the vascular network. This is very important, because at an early stage, there may be similar basaliomas and melanomas – skin oncological degeneration.

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