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Healthy skin: interesting facts and simple secrets

Healthy skin: interesting facts and simple secrets

The skin is the largest organ in our body! If you weigh 70 kg, then your skin is 10,5 kg, ie 15% of the total weight. The thinnest skin is on the eyelids (about 0,2 mm), the thickest on the palms (1,4 mm) and feet (up to 3 mm). But the sensitivity does not depend on the thickness: we feel when a fly lands on the hand, and the insect weighs about 20 mg.

Monthly – new “clothes”

Every 28 days our skin is renewed. Every minute we lose 30-40 thousand cells. 50% of the dust in the house is a dead layer of skin that has peeled off. During life we “lose” up to 100 kg. After removing the stratum corneum, the skin looks healthier and more well-groomed. With the help of cosmetics and hardware techniques, the update process can be accelerated. However, if used incorrectly, the scrubs can injure the skin, overdry it, so strictly follow the instructions or recommendations of a beautician.

Gloves for white hands

The skin is protected by lipids – natural fats on its surface. Detergents and cleaners destroy them. That’s why hands are the first to give out age. If you want your skin to stay young longer, do not skimp on disposable gloves. You will train for a few days, and you will even be able to peel potatoes from them!

Use a cream-soap. Do not forget to regularly apply the cream on the skin of the hands. Choose this cosmetic product according to the season (moisturizing in summer, nourishing or protective in winter, which creates a barrier film on the skin) and time of day (it is more comfortable to use lighter during the day, you can apply oily at night).

Until seven sweats will come out

Every day the skin absorbs 500 ml of sweat. Sweat itself has no odor – “amber” is created by bacteria that actively multiply on the surface of the skin. There are about a billion of them on our skin! The main function of sweat is to cool the body.

What to do if your feet sweat a lot? Wear orthopedic shoes that “breathe”. In the evening, perform the following procedure: spread your legs, wipe dry with a towel, apply Teymurov’s paste and walk in socks for two hours, then repeat the procedure. And so do as much patience as you need. If you do not have foot deodorant on hand, you can use the usual baby powder (talcum powder). You should not ignore the sweating of the feet, because against the background of changes in the pH of the skin can join a fungal or bacterial infection.

Dermatologist, cosmetologist Zhanna Prykhodko shares the secrets of healthy skin.
Prepared by Zoryana Krul.

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