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Mesothreads – modern method of rejuvenation of the face and body

Mesothreads – modern method of rejuvenation of the face and body

The advantages and features of the innovative procedure told “DZ” dermatologist of the highest category Zhanna Prichodko.

Mesothreads were invented by South East Asian specialists. The biggest breakthrough in the manufacture of various types of “threads of youth” was made by specialists in South Korea. Thanks to the mesonite you can pull up not only the oval of the face, but also create a framework for the fallen parts of the body – the inner part of the thighs, hands (near the triceps muscles) … The basis of know-how is the centuries-old practice of acupuncture. Threads from polydioxanone are introduced either in the deep layers of the skin, or in the mimic muscle. So create an invisible frame with an unarmed eye.


  • violation of the oval of the face;
  • the presence of pronounced mimic wrinkles;
  • omission of eyebrows;
  • decrease in skin tone.

The procedure of mesonite – not the treatment of skin problems, but just a facelift, the creation of a young oval, – told Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist of the highest category, to the journal “DZ”. – They primarily provoke the development of collagen. Before starting the procedure, there should be no rash on the face, the skin should be clean, without ulcers. From what age to weigh up on mesonite? I will say so when there is a problem with an oval face. It is recommended after 25 years when a woman has sagging skin, symmetry of some areas, “bulldozing cheeks.” Also, mesonite is recommended for curly chin.

Journalist “DZ”: Who makes mezzoters? How to choose quality?

Zhanna Prykhodko: Producers – specialists from Japan, South Korea. They also produce Russians, Czechs. But the leaders are South Korea. Specialists from this country offer mesonite for many facial and body correction schemes. For a body, mesothreads is more complex than for a person. There is another structure and length of threads. There are monofilaments, there are threads-“springs”. Mesothreads last generation – 4D, which tightly fix the skin and under the skin reveal itself as an umbrella. They need to be punctured deeply into the dermis. Masonry 4D have a plastic effect.

Journalist “DZ”: For many women, mesothreads is associated with a mini-surgical intervention in the face. Tell us about the procedure, whether the patient is pain relieved, or how long have they been rehabilitated?

Zhanna Prykhodko: The procedure is not too painful, but, of course, apply local anesthetic: either a prick, or a special pain reliever or cream. Each woman has her own sensitivity threshold .

Journalist “DZ”: What is a mesothread? 

Zhanna Prykhodko: This is a special needle with a thread, the needle is inserted deeply under the skin, then it is taken away, and the thread remains. The procedure should be performed only by specialists – dermato-venereologists.

The effect lasts up to three years. But the thread itself collapses in two months. After that, a secondary collagen is produced. If necessary after three years you can once again make the procedure of mesothreads. For example, Koreans can enter up to 80 threads in one procedure – on the body and face. In Ukraine, at this time, only twenty thread can enter. In Russia, for example, thirty mesothreads are introduced at a time.

The rehabilitation period depends primarily on the specialist who introduced the mesonite. If the procedure has been successful, then there may be a slight swelling or hematoma in the place where the needle is removed. Subsequently, the skin calms down. Of course, the period of rehabilitation also depends on the site of the introduction of mesothreads. If there is no problem on the chin. But on the face (depending on the scheme) may be bruised (up to 5 days).

Journalist “DZ”: How old can you rejuvenate your face?

Zhanna Prykhodko: The mesothreads pull the oval face. To rejuvenate, you still need biorevitalization and high-quality salon care. We also need a course of hardware technology, mesotherapy. It is good to combine mesothreads with these methods. Then the effect will hold even better. Some experts combine mesothreads with the procedure of plasmolifting. That is, the blood from the vein is introduced under the skin of the face along with the mesothread. But this technique is rather complicated, and very few experts carry it out.

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